Discover Olibanum

Discover Olibanum

This is the story of a brand that was designed with a clear and simple intention. Perfumery – especially in the case of niche brands – has always told stories, but does that lyrical and poetic universe actually improve the scent?

Stripping away a perfume in order to discover its fundamental dimension and its pure and accessible creations is the very essence of Olibanum.

Why Olibanum?

“Olibanum” is the Latin term of this treasured thousand-year-old resinwich comes from the Boswellia sacra tree. From India all the way to the Horn of Africa and passing through the Sultanate of Oman,olibanum resinis harvested by cutting into the tree’s bark to awaken its woodsy, aromatic balsamic, mineral, spicey and lemony tonalites.

About the brand


For each Olibanum fragrance composition remains intentionally simple: Olibanum + 1 Raw material. In each perfume, olibanum essence blends with an emblematicraw material of perfumery.


The olibanum used in each of the Olibanum creations is derived from an extraction method that does not generate greenhousegases or pollutants.

The flacons are made of a glass that is 40 % lighter, which means less material required for production along with a reduction inemissions, logistics and transportation. The screws are easilyremoved from the pump, thus making each flacon completely recyclable.

...and Committed

Olibanum wants to be involved in improving well-being and is committed to supporting different humanitarian projects and developmental aide. Since its launch,Olibanum has partnered with associations such as L’Homme et l’Environnement as well as Gazelle Harambeein order to help finance the livelihood of local communities by increasing their revenue while also respecting their lifestyle.

Meet the Founder

"Olibanum has no other claim than to make you smell good. I wanted to create a brand that speaks for itself, focused on a sole raw material, with a reasonable ecological impact."
Gérald Ghislain, Founder