Though one of the Paris’ newest perfume houses, BDK has its roots firmly in the city’s fragrant history.  Its creator David Benedek grew up with grandparents who run a successful perfumery in Paris since the 1960’s.  Surrounded by beautiful fragrances and bottles, it is little surprise that the young creator was drawn to pursue the craft, and, at the almost preposterously tender age of 25, David founded his own perfume house.

His vision is to translate the Parisian heritage of perfumery in a contemporary way. Two collections were born: the first, Collection Matières, showcases some of perfumery’s most precious materials in Tubéreuse ImpérialeWood JasmineOud Abramad and Crème de Cuir.  The 2nd collection is an expression of his home city: the Collection Parisienne, featuring Bouquet de HongriePas Ce Soir and Rouge Smoking.

Each scent is inspired by characters, movements, and silhouettes and comes with their own narratives. While you can certainly pick your scent based on notes that the bottle carries, you can alternatively let your choice be inspired by stories halfway between fantasy and reality.

Believing that the most beautiful stories can only come from the most beautiful materials, BDK Parfums chooses to create and manufacture its products in France. The perfume bottle is made by master glass blowers in Normandy.  The bottle cap is developed in Paris by a master goldsmith, shaped after the iconic dome of the Grand Palais in Paris.  Rounding this off, the label and the box are proudly crafted by French printing houses as well.

Since its founding in 2016, BDK Parfums can now be found in French stores renowned for offering niche fragrances, and in a selection of retail outlets in the rest of the world.

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