Serge Lutens

La fille de Berlin


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A city, a history, an experience… nothing less is required to evoke a woman whose beauty renders her as notorious as her thorny character. Strong willed, explosive – one thing is certain: she will never allow herself to be taken for a ride!

Serge Lutens brings to life the characters that have become an obsession, “La fille de Berlin” (“The girl from Berlin”) is one of those.

Through a colour, a temperament and a city, here he paints a portrait of an extraordinary femininity! From a flower to the woman, or a woman to the flower, he hand picks the rose.

As much by the thorns that protect her as the perfume that shields her, she is the incarnation of courage. As for its sillage, we are wary of its shadow, yet, we dive right in!

Amidst the crevices of the asphalt, cracked by tap dancing to jazz music, or on the snow-covered cobblestones of the Alexanderplatz, a magician travels through time. 

Alone, dressed in black, at the edge of the night...


Spray on your wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind the ears.

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