Une Nuit Nomade

Bohemian Soul



In 1966 the documentary ‘Endless Summer’ was released, chronicling two American surfers’ quest to push time zones further away so the summer never ends.

Free spirits from the ‘Gypset’ trend are pursuing this dream and Montauk became their preferred destination, an isolated place from the world where untouched nature and eco luxury connect.

‘Bohemian Soul’ reflects this journey with elegance and modernity: an immediate freshness, like a gentle wind rising up over the ocean, giving way to iris and guaiac wood before the flourish of sandal and delicacy of musk entwine.

Olfactory Family: Woody, Powdery 


Top notes: Artemisia Absinthium, Olibanum
Heart notes: Guaiac Wood, Iris, Myrrh
Base notes: Sandalwood, Musk

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