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Bois d’Oud


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“The caravan routes that stretched from India to the Arabian Peninsula, and a luxurious commercial flight from Dubai to London. The Oud routes criss-cross the East, joining past and present. Because one thing is certain: the mystical tree bark extract from the forests of Assam is taking over the world” [travel notes]

“This is divine perfumery,” a master Oud distiller once said. Today the most noble natural fragrance in the world, extracted from the bark of a tree native to the forests of Assam, is an international luxury. Its musky, woody, earthy odour is the most beloved olfactory note in the Middle East. Aided by ever more creative experiments, Oud’s inexplicable magic continues to inspire innovations both in the Middle East and the West.

Bois d’Oud, our cultural Oud “route”, wraps itself sensually around the magical wood thanks to Saffron, Vanilla and Musk. It highlights the spicy, typically oriental notes. A special blend designed to ignite passions: in Milan and Paris, Abu Dhabi and New Delhi.


Head: Fresh, Fruity, Bergamot
Heart: Rose, Spices, Cinnamon, Jasmine
Base: Saffron, Oudh, Musk, Vanilla

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