Tiziana Terenzi

Chiron Extrait De Parfum



One of the most formidable comets in our solar system is Chiron, a prototype of the centaur class; bright, brilliant and beautiful.

Forever shrouded in mystery, comet Chiron brings with it a precious cargo of good fortune and positive influence with each passing over the heavens.

This acrobatic intergalactic journey, through the persuasive wonders of vanilla notes, including both the berries and flowers, is embraced by the stimulating and seductive scents of the finest tobaccos, with their "blonde" and aromatic leaves.

The creation opens with a persuasive explosion of Haitian Vanilla Flowers, enhanced by the aphrodisiac impact of Musk and Tonka Bean. This imposing yet tame head crosses a suspended "bridge", built on the leaves of luxurious, golden tobaccos, dominated by Kentucky and Virginia tobaccos, supported by the bewitching vigour of magical Ambergris, an exclusive molecule of the Terenzi brothers' library. It is a sign that has become distinctive and unique in the family tradition over the course of three generations.  

The powerful and resounding heart lands on a bed of Madagascar Vanilla Berries, sweet and reassuring, much like a calm and well-protected port after a long voyage in the midst of the ocean, enriched by the scents of precious woods such as Indian Sandalwood and White Oudh, vigorous and fresh, and the balsamic Palo Santo from Brazil.

The Chiron comet will bring as its dowry a mysterious and elegant world, one that is intense and deep, with aromatic and persuasive echoes for those who know how to capture its hidden secrets!


Top notes: Haitian Vanilla Flower, Musk and Tonka Bean
Heart notes: Ambergris, Kentucky Tobacco & Virginia Tobacco
Base notes: Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Indian Sandalwood, White Oudh & Brazilian Palo Santo


Spray on your wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind the ears.

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