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Cubia Extrait de Parfum


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In naval jargon the "cubia eyes" indicate the hole located in the bow area of the ship, through which both the anchor chain and the mooring lines pass. Cubie have been around since ancient times, used by the Romans on "trabaccoli", the small sailing ships used both to transport people and to fish the northern Adriatic Sea. By painting concentric circles around the holes where the anchor chains passed, the Cubie recalled the shape of the eye. These eyes were drawn on the bow of the boat as it was thought that they could guide the boat’s navigation along the right routes, dodging pitfalls and dangers. This tradition has been handed down over time to the present day. To remember and celebrate these ancient seafaring traditions in Cattolica, our hometown by the sea, Cubia eyes have become the emblem of the town. Cubia is an apotropaic symbol of good luck, warding of evil and protecting the boat, bringing sailors luck and prosperity. Our creation too, inspired by this ancient talisman, embodies the magical power of good luck. Inhaling its scent leads to an opulent feeling of happiness, as if unleashing all the gentle strength of a supernatural hand that protects and pampers us. The fragrance opens with a citrus bouquet, where echoes of Sorrento Lemon and Calabrian Bergamot are embraced by Brazilian Orange. This bubbly head rests on the sweet smell of Romagna peaches counterpointed by the pungent scent of blackcurrant. This sweet and opulent composition is founded on precious and very rare woods. Renowned Atlas Cedar, from North Africa, is embraced by the seductive power of Indonesian Patchouli and Indian Sandalwood. The fragrance Cubia will envelop you in an aura of sweet protection, just like the painted eyes protect the vessels of our Sea.


Top notes: Lemon of Sorrento, Bergamot of Calabria, Brazilian Orange
Heart notes: White Peach, Yellow Peach, Cassis
Base notes: Cedar Atlas, Indonesian Patchouli, Indian Sandalwood


Spray on your wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind the ears.

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