Serge Lutens

Fleurs d'oranger



Happy memory of Serge’s arrival in Morocco in 1968, the shock to the senses of his first encounter with the amazing aromas and his wonderment at “the women who were hitting the orange blossom trees with a stick and collecting the falling white blossom in large white sheets”. Unquestionably the scent of happiness!

More than just a perfume, a memoir !

Serge Lutens' first trip to Morocco in 1968 was inextricably influenced by the scent of orange blossom. A visual and olfactory shock for this man from the North of France, accustomed to the grey of the cities, to watch these white-clad groups of women, beating orange blossom trees with sticks and gathering the silky and sun-kissed flowers in immaculate sheets.

In 1995, Serge Lutens chose to revive this moment, to suspend it in time. With a hint of civet, the animality of the orange blossom is enhanced, and Serge Lutens brings to the composition its irrevocable aura.

Fleurs d’oranger : it’s undoubtedly pure happiness !


Spray on your wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind the ears.

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