Tiziana Terenzi

Rosso Pompei Extrait De Parfum



Paolo and Tiziana’s never-ending journey brings them to a city suspended in the time of the Roman Empire. The largest, most wonderous archaeological museum in the world, where time stopped forever on a warm night in 79 AD. The children’s eyes are filled by the beauty they encounter on visiting the city of Pompeii on the Amalfi Gulf. History echoes in every step that they take, as they walk hand in hand, charmed by the breathtaking spell, which captivates all visitors. An extraordinary journey, like all those made with their Grandfather, Guglielmo, and the rest of the family, walking in the footprints of the ancestors that have handed down the genes of Terenzi family since the dawn of the Roman Empire.

During this visit to the city of Pompeii, Paolo and Tiziana discover the Villa of the Mysteries, adorned with the most amazingly beautiful frescoes, which reverberate with the colour which is to become known, the world over, as Pompeian Red or Rosso Pompei. In these famous, imposingly proportioned frescoes, inscrutable characters and mysterious rites, are said to hide the secret of happiness and pleasure. Pursuant to the emotions provoked in Paolo and Tiziana in the presence of so much beauty and harmony, this secret has today been encapsulated in a bottle, Rosso Pompei.

The fragrance opens with a fruity chord. Hints of pink and yellow Sicilian grapefruits, that gracefully echo each other, are paired with Sorrento Lemon and the famously sweet nectar of the Amalfi Grape. The creation’s heart gently embraces its head. The seductive strength of Ambergris paired with the hypnotic and aphrodisiac power of the forbidden flower, Mexican Tuberose, is embraced by the sweetness of Lily of the Valley and Royal Jasmine. The base is powerful, guaranteeing an intense duration to the entire creative structure. Reverberating Indian Sandalwood, lashed by the freshness of Cedar of Lebanon, is made as mysterious as the frescoes in Pompeii, by the addition of vigorous Red Patchouli and Neapolitan Maple, a tree typical of the area around Vesuvius.

A persuasive and mysterious emotion envelops you entirely in its arcanum, making your charm as irresistible and unforgettable as the mythical atmosphere of Pompei.



Top notes: Sicilian Grapefruit and  Pink Grapefruit, Sorrento Lemon,  Amalfi Grape
Heart notes: Ambergris, Tuberose, Magnolia,  Lily of the Valley & Royal Jasmine
Base notes: Sandalwood, Red  Patchouli, Cedar of Lebanon & Neapolitan Maple


Spray on your wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind the ears.

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